While many view a traffic ticket as a minor matter, traffic offenses can result in significant consequences concerning your insurance rates and your ability to drive legally. At Cox, Keller & Lusardi, we have successfully handled thousands of traffic offense cases on behalf of our clients.

For many clients, their goal is to avoid racking up points on their license and keep their license valid. As points add up, insurance rates go up as does the risk of losing your license. In Ohio, you are required to carry auto insurance, and driving without insurance is a serious traffic violation that comes with substantial penalties, namely a license suspension or revocation of your driving privileges.

While in some instances it may be “cheaper” in the short term to go in unrepresented and plead guilty just “to get it over with”, pay the fine and move on. However, such decisions usually result in long term consequences that can cost you heavily later on. There are traffic offenses that will result in an automatic suspension or revocation of your license. There are other traffic offenses that can be enhanced or incur a more severe penalty if your repeat that offense alter on. Your ability to drive may be at stake, affecting your financial future if you cannot drive to work, especially if you have CDL license.

At Cox, Keller & Lusardi, we will attempt to negotiate with the prosecution on your charge. In a substantial amount of cases, we are able to mitigate the points and reduce the offense itself. However, if we do not come to a satisfactory agreement, we will take the matter to trial.

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