Child Custody and Support

Child custody is often the most emotionally charged and sensitive legal issue a person or family can face. As experienced child custody lawyers, Cox, Keller & Lusardi provides the legal representation and guidance required to guide clients through the custody process.

In determining the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, formerly known as custody in Ohio, the law starts with the premise that both parents are in an equal position to assume custody. There are numerous factors the courts consider in determining custody and the “best interest of the child.” A common way to resolve custody disputes and visitation rights issues are through a shared parenting plan. The shared parenting plan spells out the rights and responsibilities of both parents and sets the custodial care arrangement and visitation schedule. If a shared parenting plan is not going to be an option for whatever reason, and an agreement as to the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities cannot be reached, then your case will need to go to trial for the Court to determine who gets custody. Even if custody has already been established, under certain situations, that custody can be changed or modified.

At Cox, Keller & Lusardi, we can assist you in this process by evaluating your family’s situation. Whether it is drafting an age appropriate parenting plan that serves the best interests of your children, modifying your current custody order, or representing your custody interests at a contested trial, we are here to serve your needs, as well as answer the questions you may have concerning any aspect of custody.

Child support is another sensitive issue with child custody. Usually, the court (whether in Juvenile Court for unwed couples, or Domestic Relations Court for divorced couples), will determine the amount of child support your child receives. The support is based upon the income of both parties involved. There can be modifications or deviations to the amount if support ordered based a number of situational factors.

If you are faced with a child support issue, our law firm can assist you seeking child support or with a modification of your current support order. We are entirely committed to our clients’ needs, and offer timely and effective legal solutions for your particular situation.

Parenting time is another sensitive aspect of child custody. Courts generally prefer the parties work out a reasonable parenting time schedule; one that equals out the time between the parties as much as possible, while minimizing any disruption of the child’s daily school routine. However, the Courts do have a basic default parenting time schedule if the parties cannot come to such an agreement. The default schedule is commonly known as the “Standard Order.” This schedule normally consists of a 3 hour mid-week visit and every other weekend visit for the parent who is designated as the “non-custodial parent.” Holiday and summer parenting times are also delineated in the Standard Order.

If you are facing visitation issues, need to establish or if you need/want to modify your visitation schedule, do not hesitate to contact our law firm. At Cox, Keller & Lusardi, we advocate for you and your children’s best interests.

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