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Friday, March 6, 2020

An Overview of Gun Crimes in Ohio

Ohio takes gun crimes seriously. In addition to a permanent criminal record, a gun crime conviction in Ohio can result in incarceration, fines, and other penalties. Therefore, if you've been charged with a gun crime in Ohio, it's imperative that you fight your charges with the help of an Ohio criminal defense attorney. Below is an overview of gun crimes in Ohio.

Gun Crimes in Ohio

Concealed Weapons

Without a valid permit, no one may carry a concealed weapon on his or her person in Ohio. In addition, the only type of firearm one may carry in this manner is a handgun. Violation of this law is a misdemeanor that is punishable by up to 180 days in jail and fine of up to $1,000.

Prohibited Persons

It is a crime for certain persons to carry a gun in Ohio. Violation of this law is a felony that is punishable by up to 36 months in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. The following persons are prohibited from carrying a firearm in Ohio:

  • Persons arrested for or convicted of certain drug or violent crimes,
  • Juveniles who were processed through the juvenile system for certain drug or violent crimes,
  • Persons with drug or alcohol addictions, and
  • Persons who’ve been adjudicated as having certain mental illnesses.

Gun-Free Zones

In Ohio, it is a crime to carry a gun in a gun-free zone. Violation of this law is a felony that is punishable by up one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. Gun-free zones include:

  • Courthouses,
  • School safety zones, and
  • Bars.

Shooting Crimes

In Ohio, it is against the law to engage a firearm at or into a school safety zone, residence, or public roadway. In addition, unless a person is on his or her own property, it is against the law to fire a gun or other firearm adjacent to a church, school, or occupied structure. Shooting crimes can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the circumstances.

Motor Vehicle Gun Crimes

Finally, it is a felony in Ohio to engage in certain actions involving a firearm while in a car. Examples of motor vehicle gun crimes include:

  • Firing a gun from a vehicle,
  • Possessing a loaded gun in a vehicle that’s accessible to any occupant, and
  • Transporting a firearm that isn’t in a closed compartment and is accessible by stopping and exiting the vehicle.

Contact a Gun Crime Defense Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a gun crime in Ohio, you need an aggressive legal team on your side. At Cox Keller Lusardi, our experienced Ohio criminal defense attorneys will guide you through the Ohio criminal process while advocating vigorously on your behalf. After analyzing your case, our talented and aggressive attorneys will advise you on the best course of action and work diligently to ensure you obtain the best outcome possible in your Ohio gun crime case. If you need strong legal representation in Ohio, please contact us as soon as possible for a consultation.

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