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Monday, May 20, 2019

Defending Against Sexual Assault Allegations in Ohio

Sexual assault allegations can be life changing. If convicted of a sex crime, you face potential imprisonment and mandatory registration in Ohio’s sex offender registry. Therefore, if you have been accused of sexual assault in Ohio, you need the assistance of an experienced Ohio criminal defense attorney. An Ohio sex crimes attorney will ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the most effective defense possible. Below are some common defenses to sexual assault in Ohio.  


The simplest way to defend against sexual assault allegations is to claim innocence. If you have an alibi that demonstrates you couldn’t have carried out the assault, this can be extremely strong proof of your innocence. However, you must present credible evidence to the court to support your innocence claim. Evidence such as corroborating witnesses, plane tickets, hotel receipts, and credit card bills can all be used to prove your innocence.


Another effective way to defend against sexual assault allegations is to claim that you have been misidentified. However, much like proving an alibi, you must present credible evidence, such as DNA, that proves you were misidentified by the victim. 


Consent is a valid defense to sexual assault. If an alleged victim consented to a sexual encounter, then no assault occurred. And while you will have to admit that a sexual encounter occurred between you and the alleged victim, proof of consent can significantly strengthen your defense against sexual assault allegations.

Mental incapacity or insanity 

If you have been diagnosed with a mental disorder of some kind, then you may be able to attribute your actions to mental incapacity or insanity. However, this is obviously not a proper defense if you didn’t commit the alleged act of sexual assault. 

Ohio Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you’ve been charged with a sex crime in Ohio, you face serious potential consequences, including imprisonment and mandatory registration in Ohio’s sex offender registry. Depending on the severity of the sex crime you’ve been charged with, you could be included in the Ohio sex offender registry anywhere from a few years to life. Therefore, if you’re facing sex crime charges in Ohio, you should strongly consider obtaining the services of an experienced Ohio criminal defense attorney.

At Cox Keller Lusardi, our experienced Ohio criminal defense attorneys will work with you to devise the best possible defense strategy for your case. Our attorneys regularly represent residents of the Miami Valley region of Ohio who have been charged with sex offenses, utilizing our criminal defense experience to make sure that that all our clients receive the strongest defense possible. In addition, we understand the fear and anxiety engendered by sex crime charges. Therefore, you can count on our experienced Ohio criminal defense attorneys to treat you with respect and dignity as we fight to prove your innocence. Please contact us today for a consultation.

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