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Monday, June 18, 2018

Divorce and Children: Things to Consider

Divorce impacts every member of the family—children in particular. It is for this reason that divorce should always be approached with the best interests of children in mind. Unfortunately, however, parents are sometimes so focused on the divorce itself that their children become an afterthought. Below are some things to consider when going through a divorce with children.

1. Parental alienation – Parental alienation is a common occurrence in divorce cases. It occurs when one parent does things to give his or her children a negative opinion of the other parent. Parental alienation affects children emotionally and can have an impact on child custody determinations. Due to the negative consequences of parental alienation for both children and parents, it’s important that parents keep all communications with their children positive.

2. Mediation – Mediation provides married couples with an alternative to the traditional divorce process. Rather than litigating in court, mediation allows parties to cooperate to create their own divorce agreements. Mediation tends to be less adversarial than the traditional divorce process, and it may be easier on any children that are involved. Another benefit of mediation is that it sometimes includes family therapists and counselors to assist parents and their children with the emotional and psychological aspects of the divorce process.

3. Behavior changes –Each child deals with divorce in his or her own way. And, unfortunately, many children react negatively to divorce. Typical reactions include:

  • Appetite changes

  • Mood changes

  • Behavioral problems

  • Other unusual behavior

If any of the above reactions are observed, parents should act immediately. For example, it may be beneficial for parents to seek the assistance of a child psychologist or counselor, as this can help to ensure that their children adjust to the divorce in a healthy way. When changes in a child’s behavior are addressed early, it can help prevent issues that might have been otherwise avoided with proper care.

Ohio Divorce Attorneys

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