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Friday, May 11, 2018

Teens in Trouble: Why You Need a Juvenile Law Attorney

Q: Should I hire a lawyer if my minor child is arrested?

Kids will be kids, they say. And for many, the road from childhood to adulthood may have bumps and unexpected turns that lead to frightening places. Like the back of a police car.

Ohio juvenile law attorneys can help minors and their parents navigate the frightening juvenile criminal law process in an effort to avoid or mitigate the potential consequences of a criminal conviction. With the right representation, one mistake may not have to follow you for the rest of your life.

A common crime that juveniles don't realize can carry serious consequences is criminal mischief a/k/a vandalism – – which is basically intentionally damaging property that belongs to somebody else. Graffiti on buildings, egging houses, and other teenage pranks often fall into this area.

Depending on the circumstances, the charge against a minor could be a misdemeanor or even a felony. Possible punishments are wide-ranging and are dependent upon many factors that may include:

  • restitution – paying money for the repair or replacement of the damaged property

  • significant fines payable to the court by the minor (or their parents)

  • a probation term or diversion program with required tasks (like staying in school, employment, community service, etc.)

  • detention – confinement into a juvenile detention center on either a full-time or weekend basis.

Sometimes, parents can get in trouble along with the child if they were involved or by attempting to protect their child. If so, they’ll likely require the assistance of a skilled Ohio criminal defense attorney as well.

Recently, a Perry Township juvenile and adult parent were reportedly charged with criminal mischief and obstructing official business, respectively, in connection with the vandalization "with feminine products and ketchup" of a car regularly driven by another juvenile.

Reportedly, the incident rocked the community-- which is still recovering from multiple recent student suicides—and resulted in pressure on the police department to solve the case and discourage similar future incidents.

If you or your minor child have been arrested or cited with a criminal charge, the skilled attorneys at Cox Keller Lusardi are prepared to work long and hard on your behalf to get you or your minor child the most favorable outcome possible no matter how serious the charge may be. Contact us today to request a consultation.

From our offices in Xenia, we serve clients throughout the Miami Valley area, including Greene County, Montgomery County, Warren County, and Clark County, Ohio.

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